Why It Makes Complete Sense to Install Electric Window Controls for Your Property
18th December 2019
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Everyone knows that both electric and manual window controls have their advantages for any property, but for various reasons, more property and business owners are opting to have electric window controls installed. Electric window controls can offer a complete automation solution for any property or establishment, for one, and they can be incredibly convenient, efficient, and useful as well. But aside from allowing you to save time, not to mention physical effort, there’s a lot more to electric window controls you should know about. Here, then, is why it makes complete sense to install electric window controls in your property.

  • Applications for smoke ventilation

If you are planning to install high-set windows that come with an electric window control system, whether you have a commercial building, a church, a school, or a factory, this can provide you with some brilliant advantages. For instance, you can make use of applications for smoke ventilation and incorporate them into your electric window control system so that smoke can easily exit via your high-set windows if there is ever a fire in the property. But aside from this, an electric window control system can also enhance the visibility within your property in the case of evacuations, and this will, in turn, aid first responders when it comes to gaining access and extinguishing the fire as well as identifying its cause or source.

  • Battery support and backup

Some might say that an electric window control system may not work at all if there is a power outage or emergency, and it will then be useless. But in case there is any power outage, electronic window control systems today can come with battery support and backup, which enables the system to continue operating even when there is no power. This backup system is made with cables that are fire-rated as well. You can then remotely control the windows even if you lose your main power source.

  • A sensor for rain

There is nothing more annoying (and more of a waste of time) than having to shut your windows one by one in case it rains. And rain is a frequent occurrence in the UK, as we all know. The same is true if it rains and you are not at home, and your windows are open. But with electric window openers, you can easily make use of a rain sensor so your windows can automatically close or shut when it starts to rain. The signal made by the sensor as water droplets hit it will command the system to shut the windows, and this signal will continuously send until the sensor is dry.

  • Better ventilation

We all know that hot air will always rise, and your property or building can easily get stuffy and uncomfortable without the proper ventilation during the summer season. But with proper electric window controls, your property can have better ventilation because you can conveniently open or shut windows and operate the system even when you are not around. You can, for instance, set a timer to open the windows at night to let hot air out, and your property can then become more comfortable, and you will have better air quality overall as well.

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