What is the difference between marketing and advertising?
12th July 2011
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Marketing and Advertising – what’s the difference?


People in business often get confused between marketing and advertising.  So what is the difference?


Marketing is the complete process which takes a product or service from an idea, through market research, product design or service detail, naming, logo design and packaging,  public relations, launch, promotions, offers – and advertising.


Advertising is just one element of marketing – albeit a very important one.  It is no good designing the right product or service that everyone will want, if you don’t make sure that people know about it.


The founder of thebestof (and several other very successful businesses) Nigel Botterill spends 1.5 hours of every working day on marketing his various businesses. He locks his office door, switches off his phone and tells his staff they can only interrupt him if the building is on fire!


It is easy to spend 8 – 12 hours per day working in your business – but you will benefit enormously by spending 1 – 2 hours per day on your business. You need to constantly reassess what you are providing, comparing this with the opposition, getting feedback from your customers, testing and measuring your advertising, thinking how to improve what you have, and thinking how to create new products or services. 


The world is changing fast – and in business you have to keep up with it and be a leader in your field.


Marketing and advertising are vitally important in every business.  Make a plan to spend time every day marking your business.


If you are not sure how to go about it and need help – ask!  At thebestofaberdeen we can help promote your business and we can help to link you with all elements of the marketing process.  We will be very happy to have a chat, without obligation, to help you on the right track.


Call us on 01224 515555 or 07917 667665 or email us at aberdeen@thebestof.co.uk


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