What Are the Fastest Growing Industries in the UK?
13th June 2019
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The UK has been a superpower for more than two centuries, and some of the biggest businesses were founded on the island. The country has been nurturing various industry branches, but some of them seem to reap larger profits than others.

Although the future of the UK industry has grown uncertain due to recent political turmoil involving Brexit, the country seems to be doing pretty well at the moment.

Let’s take a look at some of the industries that are reshaping the country and improving the living conditions for its citizens.


Fintech stands for financial technology, and it is something that is still under development. Just as the name suggests, it is an industry that combines finances and technology, and its growth has been estimated to 88% over the course of three years, according to this article.

Fintech has been booming due to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology which paved the way for the new era of finances. Numerous start-ups in the UK have been actively developing their business models to incorporate the latest fintech innovations.


Another phrase you can often hear nowadays is digital marketing, which is a type of marketing used to promote products and services on the web. Since everyone is an active internet user at the moment, the web turned out to be a very convenient platform for advertising, which resulted in numerous marketing strategies applied across a number of online platforms that have but one purpose — to sell a product. The Brits have always been welcoming toward good marketing practices, and it is no wonder they welcomed this one with arms wide open.


iGaming, a term associated with gambling, sports betting, and various other related activities, has been blooming recently. Although both casinos and online casinos are doing pretty well, the Brits love placing bets the most, as this type of entertainment has a long history and tradition in the country.

Ever since the online betting industry became legal in the UK, thousands of people started placing bets on football and other sports using their computers and mobile devices. Sites such as https://www.redbet.com/en offer services that will keep the industry growing in the future.


Biotech is an abbreviation for biotechnology — a branch of industry that uses technology to improve fields such as medicine and agriculture. In other words, with technological improvement, we are making improvements in other industries related to humans and other forms of life around us.

Biotech start-ups and companies managed to raise a total of £1.2 billion through investments in 2017 alone, according to this piece. In other words, this branch of industry is bound to flourish in the future, mainly because it is concerned with improving the living conditions of the humankind.


Virtual reality and augmented reality are two types of technological innovations that are becoming increasingly popular in the world, and the UK is no exception to that rule, with dozens of companies exploring various possibilities related to VR and AR. These can be applied to a spectrum of industries, with the entertainment industry being the primary target.

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