The Quest for the Best Business in Aberdeen?
17th June 2011
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How do you define the best? 

Do you think of the best business as being the one that has 5 stars? 

However, it can be the one that has the:
  • best quality product
  • best price
  • best service
  • best customer satisfaction
  • best products
  • highest volume
or is the:
  • most efficient
  • most profitable
  • most convenient
  • or the fastest at providing the service?

All of the above are important.  For some, the price is not important, just the quality of the service or goods.  If you want the best quality, it is unlikely that this will be the cheapest – although there are exceptions.

The best service comes with experience, training and above all, the determination of the owner or manager to deliver the best to customers.  Answering the phone within 4 rings, greeting people when they come through the door (even if you are serving another customer), following up enquiries or complaints quickly when, or before, you said you would.  These will all make your business one of the best.

Speed of service can be vital.  The most skilled plumber is not the best for you if he cannot fix your burst pipe today!

Do you have a unique service or product in your market?  If so, this can make you the best and certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

But all of these things are no good unless your potential customers know about you.

At thebestofaberdeen we go out of our way to find the best businesses in the area.  We visit them, find out what they do and see if we think that they fit in with our business ethos.  We then insist on at least 2 testimonials from satisfied clients before we will promote them.

If you are, or know of, one of the best businesses in the Aberdeen area, please let us know who they are and why they are the best and help us to spread the word.  Email - telephone 01224 515555 or click here.

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