The Best Nights out in Aberdeen
27th May 2010
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I have recently discovered something about myself.  My idea of a ‘good night out’ has changed somewhat over the last few years.  Instead of a night out which equals busy bars, crowds of people, a full dance floor, queues of people waiting to get in a club, queues of people waiting for a taxi and falling into bed at 3am, I now prefer a nice meal, a cocktail or two somewhere quiet and long chats with friends in a cosy pub.  (Keep your old age comments to yourself please!)  If you are someone who falls into the first category, the area around Belmont Street and the pubs and clubs in and around Union Street are for you.  However, if you are like me and would rather avoid long lines to an overcrowded bar and just want to get dressed in something pretty, have a cocktail and listen to some jazz, then read on.

A good night in Aberdeen for me usually starts with a lovely meal. In the Rosemount area there is a wonderful little Italian restaurant called Pasta Plus, run by the very friendly Francesco.  Unsurprisingly, considering its name, this restaurant/deli specialises in pasta dishes, which are simple and delicious, and it has a cosy atmosphere with only a handful of tables and personal service.  Having lived in Italy myself for a brief period, I was delighted to discover this truly authentic little restaurant.  I’ve been here many times and I know I will always get a great meal and be made to feel welcome. 

Rendezvous@Nargile on Forest Road is an excellent Turkish restaurant and both the food and the service are of the highest standard.  I took my partner here for a birthday meal and, with little knowledge of Turkish food, we enjoyed sampling a selection of different dishes from the meze platter.    

I have also had fabulous meals at Simpsons, on Queens Road, and The Albyn, on Albyn Place.  The latter also does great cocktails and is my bar of choice if I am in the mood for a Cosmopolitan.  On a Friday or Saturday night you can also enjoy your drink while listening to live music.  Perfect.  I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have a glass of wine in hand whilst sitting comfortably and listening to some jazz, than desperately trying to get the attention of the barman whilst feeling like a sardine ... so perhaps it is just the result of getting older. 

The nearby Number 10 (Queens Road) is also a good place to catch up with friends and has a great atmosphere.  It was quite busy the last time I was there but we still managed to get a table and I had a lovely chat with some friends over a glass of wine.  Which is, for me, all that I need to have a good night out.

Emma R (aged 20 something ...)


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