Reasons to be Optimistic About Environmental Protection Efforts
17th May 2021
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You might feel bad about what’s going on around the world today. When you see the devastation brought about by natural disasters, you will feel hopeless. Given what we did to the environment and how we abuse our resources, these consequences seem fitting. Before you feel despair, realize that it’s not yet over. There are still ways to reverse the impact of what we did on the environment. There are reasons to be more hopeful about what lies ahead.

Social media is a powerful tool

Many people didn’t realize the value of preventing global warming. They thought that everything is okay from where they are. They don't feel the effects of this phenomenon. However, with the help of social media, more people have become aware of what's going on in other parts of the world. Just because they feel good doesn't mean everyone else is in the same condition. Social media created an opportunity to encourage people to do what’s right. If we continue sending the right message, more people will be aware of the reality. Start by spreading the message about recycling. Partner with reputable companies like to help dispose of recyclable waste. Instead of throwing everything away, you should support recycling efforts. It’s the least that you can do to help save the environment.

There are significant results

Some people are skeptical about protecting the environment since it seems to be a futile effort. While we don't see the impact right away, there are long-term results. For instance, we managed to prevent the worsening of the hole in the ozone layer. It used to be a significant issue back in the 90s. However, with the efforts to stop it, we saw results. Back then, people thought it was impossible, but we made it. It shows that if we help each other, it’s possible to achieve big things.

The younger generation cares about the environment

Among the different social issues faced by the younger generation, they’re most concerned about environmental problems. It’s a good thing since their future is at stake. It also encourages them to go in the right direction. Younger people are more aware of their actions and how they impact the environment. They also become more reflective of their votes since they want leaders who also care about the environment. 

More organizations are stepping up

It’s also a delight to see nonprofit organizations coming up with ways to protect the environment. They might have different goals, but all roads lead to environmental protection. Some of them also have excellent campaigns to entice more people to help. If some governments don’t care about the environment, these organizations can fill the gap. 

There are global pacts 

The Paris Climate Accord seems to be an impossible feat, but it happened. Scores of countries signed up to promise that they will reduce carbon emissions. It shows that despite political differences, countries can unite for a common cause. While we can still do more, the agreement is an excellent start.

Now that you feel hopeful, you should keep pushing. We should never give up.

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