PC vs Mac – which do you prefer?
28th May 2012
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Several times a week I pass the Apple store in Union Square on my way to Aberdeen railway station.  It is a smart shop with knowledgeable and helpful staff.  I am impressed with their customer service, the training you receive when you make a purchase and that they can do most repairs in their workshop. 

I like the fact that their operating system is straightforward and their software and applications work.  They also seem to be more secure, without the need to constantly up-grade firewalls etc.  

My wife has an iPhone and an iPad.  I like the fact that they talk to each other and swap data/photos etc very easily or even automatically.  You can store files in the iCloud and access them wherever you are.  

OK, Macs are more expensive than PC’s, but a BMW is more expensive than a Ford, but the Ford does the same job, carrying 4 or 5 people over a long distance at the same average speed.  So why do people buy BMWs?

Do tell us what you think and why you would buy a PC or a Mac.  Is it just on price, or for other reasons? 

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