Mums - put yourself in the picture!
13th March 2014
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Mums - How to photograph your family.

We are grateful to Judy Laing for this blog on taking family photographs and the importance of you being in the picture!

"9 times out of 10 it is the mums behind the camera on holidays, family outings, birthdays and so on. You are usually the one recording the family memories of the children growing up. That is wonderful! 

Those memories will be treasured for many years to come. But the problem is - how many pictures do we actually put ourselves in?  Not many I guess!  I know and I am guilty of this as well. 

Now why is that? 'Oh I don't like the way I look', I hear you cry. 'I need to lose a few pounds. My hair is a mess. I hate my nose. Oh my hips look so big!'  I know, I know. I sympathise. I feel the same. But in years to come our children WON'T see our chunky thighs, big nose, flabby tummy, grey hairs, or wrinkles - but they WILL see how we looked at them and how we made them feel.

I'm here today to tell you that you NEED to be in your pictures! In years to come your children want to see how much you loved them. Too much of our lives as Mums is unseen. They don't see the hours we take trawling the supermarket aisles looking for their favourite snacks, or the endless days we spend picking up their toys and placing them back in the proper place so they will find them again in the morning.

They don't see the bags under our eyes on Christmas morning because we stayed up way later than we should have wrapping their gifts from Santa. They won't remember the sleepless nights we had stroking their brow when they had a fever.

We are completely intertwined in their young lives but yet we have very few pictures of us with them. So don't hide behind the camera.  Hand it over to your husband or friends occasionally to take a few pictures or book a photo session with a family photographer whose images you love.

I understand if you hate getting your picture taken - many people don't likje it. As a professional photographer I can make your family photography session pretty painless. I aim to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. In fact, you will be having so much fun interacting with your family that you will hardly notice the camera is there.

I have learned how to pose you to make you look your best and to find the best light to flatter you. I am also a whizz with post production and will utilise that skill to make you look your very best!

So here is my challenge to you this year. Get in the picture, whether it be with your i-phone, your point and shoot or on a professional photo-shoot. Just do it!

Your family will love the perfectly imperfect you. And if you would like more information on booking a photo-shoot please contact me on 07449775270 or e-mail me:  "


You can see Judy's website at:

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