Independence for Scotland?
30th November 2009
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Should Scotland be Independent?

Mr Salmond clearly wants us to be, or should I say wants you to be.  As an Englishman, I wonder if I will soon have to apply for a visa?  Having married a native Scotswoman, will I be granted citizenship automatically, or will I have to cross the border and wait for my application to be granted?

It begs the question of how many people living in Scotland were actually born here?  Will it be only those born in Scotland who are eligible to vote in a referendum? 

There are many questions to be asked:  What is the ultimate aim? Will Scotland have it’s own tax system, it’s own defence forces, health service and education system?  Will Hadrian’s Wall be strengthened and topped with razor wire? 

I just hope someone will give me a little warning if I have to pack my bags.  It would be such a shame, since I quite like it here and find the natives quite friendly.

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