Giving Free Merchandise Could Improve Your Reputation
9th July 2019
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As a business, your fundamental goal is to make money. Unfortunately, it makes people think that you're not interested in their welfare. You want to make money out of them. You don't want people to think of you this way. It helps to take some steps to endear yourself to potential customers.

One of the best methods is to give free merchandise. In doing so, you make people feel special. This time, you’re not asking them to take their wallets out, but giving them something without asking for anything in return. 

Changing the narrative

Clearing your reputation could be challenging. Sometimes, when people have already made judgements, it's challenging to convince them otherwise. For instance, if they saw a video online about how poor your product quality is, they might not purchase any of the items you sell. Proving to them that you offer top quality products isn't easy. Over time, if more people can attest to the quality of what you offer, you might win them over. For now, the best thing to do is to show that you care about your customers, and the distribution of free merchandise is one way to prove it.

Give people something more

Another reason why you need to consider giving free merchandise is that you want people to feel that they’re getting more out of what they’re paying you. It’s difficult for some people to spend their money considering their economic condition. Therefore, if their decision to buy certain products allows them to get more from it, they won’t hesitate to buy more. 

Make people happy

Usually, companies give free merchandise during the holidays. It’s a time when you expect to receive something. You grew up with loads of gifts from your parents during the holidays. Unfortunately, as you grow older, you don’t receive gifts anymore. You spend money buying things for the people you love, but you get nothing in return. As such, receiving free merchandise from companies might mean a lot to some people. 

Give quality merchandise 

Now that you understand why giving free merchandise could be a good thing for your business; the next step is to determine what item to offer and how you can promote your company using that item.

For instance, you might want to hand out umbrellas as they are useful during the rainy season. You can include the name and logo of your company on the umbrella so that when the user opens it, anyone who walks by will see your company name. 

Talk to your team to decide the best merchandise to hand out to your target audience. You can check out for more ideas. Make sure that you allocate a considerable amount of money, so the promotional product will be of top quality. There's no point in giving an item that people won’t be able to use for a long time. You could even damage your reputation by giving people low-quality items. They might think that the products you sell are also of similar quality.

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