From Sick Note to Fit Note
5th April 2010
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'Sick note' changes to 'Fit Note'

As of 6th April the new Fit Note replaces the old sick note issued by GP's.

The old sick note could only advise whether a patient was able to work or not work, but now GPs can indicate if a person is able to do some aspects of their work if given some support.

The aim of this is to try and get people back to work sooner and for them to receive the help they may need to make this happen.

There has been much research to show that work is beneficial for health, and that the longer someone is away sick, the more likely they are to lose confidence and their skills.

Doctors now have 2 choices, either to say that someone is unfit to work, or may be fit to work.  The second gives a doctor the option to advise a phased return to work, altered hours, amended duties or workplace adaptions. This will then be up to the employer to make the decision to see if they can accommodate these changes.

Further information can be obtained from theDepartment for Work and Pensions at

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