Follow These Tips to Completely Secure Your House
11th March 2019
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Warding off amateur thieves is easy, but what can you do about pro burglars? Experienced opportunists will observe a residence for many days before actually breaking in, which is why it is more difficult to stop them. Apart from obviously securing doors and windows by investing in digitised locks, inserting a strike plate, reinforcing glass with sensors, adding bars, you should also keep a wide range of other measures in mind.

1. Light Up Landscape

Illuminating back and front yards, your garage, and pathways can make any sort of criminal skittish. Motion detector lights have lately garnered more attention because they are a great way to ensure unwanted visitor do not encroach on your property. They give your grounds full visibility which makes it easier to identify trespassers on your property. Choosing solar-powered lights will save substantial amounts of energy and are preferred by the more economically conscious.  

2. Lock Wi-Fi Network

A home’s wireless network can, unfortunately, give away significant financial and personal data, which hackers might utilise against its owner generally as a means of extortion or fraudulent activities. A few ways to lock your Wi-Fi network includes strengthening routers, enabling WPA or WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption, renaming and concealing the network, creating powerful complex passwords, and installing anti-malware and antivirus protection.

3. Install Surveillance Cameras (CCTV)

You have most probably seen many news headlines about intruders being thwarted by CCTV footage. Well, this particular solution can act effectually as a deterrent, and to obtain justice in case the crime has already been committed. It is highly advisable to install 24/7 surveillance cameras in every possible corner of your house and property. When making the purchase, look out for the following features:

  • Night vision
  • Weather-proof casing
  • Motion recognition
  • Wi-Fi capability

4. Remove Hiding Places

Shrubs and trees might allow your house to look visually appealing and increase its market value but these also serve as great hiding places for burglars. Always remember to trim down thicker foliage and opt for smaller bushes or flowering plants instead.

5. Get an Alarm System

Installing an alarm system is an excellent way of scaring off burglars if you are not at home. These devices start buzzing and alert police as soon as anyone tries to enter your property. Choose a product integrated with an automatic dial system so that the appropriate authorities are contacted if an attempted break-in occurs.

6. Consider Automation

A large number of individuals are now transforming their ordinary residence into a smart one through automation. Home automation provides you with remote control of security cameras, lights, locking systems, smoke alarms, etc. You are also notified about suspicious activities in real-time.

Other things to consider are leaving ladders and stools out, having expensive belongings on display, forgetting to put on security stickers, and avoiding locking sheds or other outdoor structures can also tempt criminals. Don’t overlook the seemingly small things and make sure you take the necessary steps to secure your home.

According to professionals of renowned security companies in London, implementing each tip stated above with caution can make your house exponentially safer. If you require additional security obtaining residential security services is a great choice. Make sure to conduct thorough research, seek specialised recommendations, and hire a company that is professional with highly-trained personnel.

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