Fire! Are you prepared for the worst in your business?
9th September 2011
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If your company employs 5 or more staff it is now a legal requirement to ensure your staff are sufficiently trained in how to raise the fire alarm, evacuation and the use of fire fighting equipment.

Realm Fire Protection run courses in Aberdeen to keep you up to date - and legal!

The next course is intended for employees who have been nominated as fire wardens.

  • Do you or your staff know your legal responsibilities?
  • Has the role of fire wardens in your workplace been defined? 
  • Are you aware of how to identify fire hazards to reduce the likelihood of a fire starting?
  • Is everyone aware of the appropriate action to take if a fire occurs?

If a fire broke out tomorrow would you or your colleagues know how to activate a fire extinguisher effectively and tackle a small fire safely?

Book your fire wardens on this Realm Fire Protection course now.

Course date 28th September 2011
9.00am - 12.30pm
£55.00 per person
Confirm by 21st September

Call them on 01224 710014

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