Car servicing - why bother?
8th October 2011
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Advice from AW Autotech in Aberdeen.  Car servicing – why should you bother?


Your car is a machine and it has thousands of moving parts.  Parts which wear out, need lubricating or break.  We tend to rely on warning lights to tell us when there is a problem, but this is risky.  You are strongly advised to follow the manufactures advice on servicing to keep your car going well – and keep its resale value. And you also need to know that your car is fit for its MOT test.


3 items that are really important


Your car has many different fluids – petrol or diesel, oil, water, brake fluid and more.  It also has gases -air, petrol/fuel mix, exhaust fumes and more. Each of these systems has filters to keep them clean, otherwise your car can be sluggish,  under-perform and waste fuel.

Brake Pads

Your brake pads are under a lot of friction and wear down over time. Obviously, brakes are a very important safety feature. Your mechanic will check to make sure they are at a safe level.


The oil in your car is sprayed on the pistons to keep them lubricated. This then drips down from the walls of the cylinders into your sump where it is used again and again. Over time, dirt finds its way in and the oil gradually just begins to lose its life. So, every so often your mechanic will have to do an oil change.

These are the main things that your local garage should check on when he is doing a service.

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