4 Most Common Contractor Mistakes to Avoid
9th October 2020
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Any experienced contractor knows that it’s impossible to avoid every single construction project mistake. However, they also understand that working in a smart way can help minimise the risks of these issues from occurring. And by recognising pitfalls, you’ll be able to take the appropriate actions to steer clear of these problems, promote a positive and safer work site, ensure that you stay under budget and remain on schedule. To this end, here are some of the most common mistakes that contractors make and how to stay away from them.

1. Overlooking safety measures

Construction site errors, oversights, and missteps can cause more than just expensive delays for a project. They can also affect the physical well-being of the workers as well as that of the general public. As the saying goes, “accidents don’t just happen; they’re also caused.” So never overlook safety measures and protocols. From hiring the services of fencing contractors for the installation of site hoarding panels to making sure that all workers have the correct gear, taking all the necessary precautions will allow you to work safer and reduce the risks of the job.

2. Poor estimations and costing

Underestimating the costs of a job might win your bids. However, it’s just as bad as overestimating expenses since you’ll only lose money on the work you’ve done. As such, it’s vital that you accurately predict the approximation of a project before you make a bid. It may sound like a tedious task to research the pricing for the necessary equipment and materials. However, the time that you invest in doing so will pay dividends in allowing you to come up with the right numbers that will allow you to generate a profit without overbidding.

3. Cutting corners to save on costs

Not unlike any other business, contractors must carefully manage their finances and try to find ways to drive down their operational costs to increase their profits. However, it’s critical never to cut corners to do so. For example, you might spend less on older equipment and materials. However, if they break down, you’ll end up setting the job back and creating expensive delays that you would have been able to avoid if you chose better quality options.

4. Biting off more than you can chew

Another common mistake that inexperienced contractors make is trying to take on work before assessing whether or not their company can handle the project. So don’t fall into this beginner trap and make sure that the work you bid for is something that you can tackle. It may limit your options now, but carefully selecting your work will keep you from biting off more than you can chew.

The construction industry might be a highly lucrative business, but it’s not without its fair share of challenges. But by giving a wide berth to the common mistakes listed in this article, you’ll be able to give your company more opportunities to grow and thrive.

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