Alzheimer Scotland
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    214 Union Street
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The charitable organisation helping those in and around Aberdeen who suffer from dementia.

Alzheimer Scotland is a charitable organisation that provides care for people with dementia and has an office in Huntly Street Aberdeen. 

Dementia is an illness which affects the brain, causing a progressive loss of mental powers and is the fourth most common cause of death in Scotland. 

Our charity members in Aberdeen is made up of relatives, people with dementia, those who care for them, professionals, groups and organisations.  We rely on charitable donations to fund our charity and are always looking for volunteers to help with fundraising and other activities.

The charity provides the national Dementia Helpline, a website and local services all over Scotland for people with dementia and those who care for them.  Our local charity services in Aberdeen include: 

  • day care centres
  • home support services by a trained carer
  • charity drop-in centres where people with dementia and carers can socialise
  • support groups for carers and for people with dementia
  • one-to-one care support  for those with dementia and their families
  • information and advice

If you need information about Alzheimer Scotland, or emotional support on any issue to do with this charitable organisation you can call the number above.

If you care about those with Alzheimers, please contact us in Aberdeen on 01224 644077.  We rely on charitable donations to fund the work of our charity.   

24 hour Dementia Helpline: 0808 808 3000

Alzheimer Scotland
A Charitable Organisation
214 Union Street
AB10 1TL

The company is recognised as a charitable organisation by the Inland Revenue.  Scottish charity no SC022315.  The registered office of the charity is Alzheimer Scotland, 22 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7RN.

Any charitable donation, large or small, will be used to care for those with Alzheimers.



Please mention The Best of Aberdeen when contacting Alzheimer Scotland.



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