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Ghis at Shropshire Therapies in Telford is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic Therapist with many years of experience in providing help with wide ranging problems: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Whatever you want to change in your life, Ghis can help, with a range of professional, confidential therapies and treatments.

Ghis at Shropshire Therapies is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist (Member of the British Society for Clinical Hypnosis); Energy Therapist (Labrys Ascension Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Sekhem, Ho'oponopono); Evanji Egyptian Sugaring Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping) Practitioner. Ghis is a founder member of Telford Therapy Network (


Ghis has been a therapist since the late 1990's and has significant experience in dealing with all sorts of problems: mental, physical, emotional & spiritual. She offers therapies and treatments from a lovely, tranquil therapy room at her home in Little Dawley, Telford, as well as offering Hypnotherapy via Skype, at no extra charge, for those living too far away to visit the therapy room in person. Ghis is also an Independent Consultant for the health and wellness company Arbonne International, which offers amazingly high quality, pure, vegan, botanical skin and body care; fantastic mineral-based cosmetics; and some of the best health and wellness products available.


Ghis is a professional clinical hypnotherapist, and can provide the help you need to overcome many of the problems, symptoms, phobias and disorders that may prevent you from leading a happy and fulfilled life. Ghis provides professional, caring and non-judgmental therapy to all kinds of people that suffer problems or need expert help to deal with a particular issue, from stopping smoking to a lack of confidence in social situations. The two main types of hypnotherapy are suggestion therapy (Hypnosis with Suggestion Therapy - also known as clinical hypnosis) and analytical hypnotherapy (often called hypnoanalysis) and you are assured that Ghis will apply only the appropriate techniques and will always work in the best interests of the individual client.



Hypnotherapy is perfect for stopping smoking, exam nerves, preparing for a flight or driving test etc. It is just as it sounds - through relaxation techniques, you arrive at a very light hypnotic state and whilst in this calm, relaxed state, Ghis provides some very positively-worded suggestions that will affect whatever symptom(s) you want to deal with. You'll be taught how to visualise desired outcomes and offered strategies to help you to think and act more positively, without having to 're-live' any trauma. By the time you leave the session, you'll feel relaxed, calm and much more positive.


Hypnotherapy can be life-changing and long-term, can be incredibly effective and powerful in treating:


  • Weight Loss
  • Stopping smoking
  • Exam and pre-test nerves
  • Driving Test nerves
  • Anxiety over flying / Dentist etc
  • General relaxation
  • Confidence boosting
  • Performance anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Phobias and fears
  • Skin disorders
  • Sexual problems
  • Eating disorders / weight problems
  • Lack of confidence / poor self image
  • Speech problems
  • Chronic pain and fatigue
  • Stop smoking
  • Social fears

.... and much much more - in fact, whatever your particular set of symptoms, problems or condition, it is very likely that Ghis can help and you are encouraged to give her a call, in complete confidence to discuss your situation with her. Issue and challenges can usually be resolved in 1-3 sessions and the techniques used are non-invasive, gentle and supportive. Ghis also helps with 'past life regression' - a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations, which can offer great theraputic benefits and experiences, and help explain problems in this life.

You can see more details about the full range of services and conditions that Ghis deals with by visiting her website - just follow the link on the right of this page. You'll also see that Ghis offers a range of Audio CD's and MP3 Hypnotherapy Downloads.

Ghis has helped many people to change their lifestyle and empower their lives by helping them to manage their thoughts and let go of negative or limiting beliefs. She provides a professional and caring service in a relaxed and completely confidential practise. If you would really like to change your life for the better - and keep finding reasons to put it off, it's time to call Ghis. Go on - do it now!

When you contact Ghis at Shropshire Therapies - please mention that you saw her on 'thebestof telford and wrekin'.

latest reviews

In October 2012, said about Shropshire Therapies - Hypnotherapy Telford

Just want to thank you for your beautiful magical cards I bought off you, they're so magical! you have such a talent! I wish you all the best.

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In July 2012, said about Shropshire Therapies - Hypnotherapy Telford

Hypnotherapy with Ghis was such a lovely experience! boosted my confidence and feel 100% better. Fully recommend it.

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In June 2012, said about Shropshire Therapies - Hypnotherapy Telford

I had been battling with my weight ALL my life and had tried every diet there was, always with the same results. I decided to give Hypnotherapy a go after a friend recommended Shropshire Therapies to me. She was having great success so I bit the bullet and went along After the first session I was eating both fruit and vegetables, which I had never done. The strangest thing was that I was almost unaware that I was doing so it all seemed so normal and natural. There have been no cravings, I don't want to snack between meals and I am eating much more healthily. Using hypnosis to help me lose weight is making sure I adopt a healthy life style. It isn't about dieting and the stress of failure Its been amazing.

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In June 2012, said about Shropshire Therapies - Hypnotherapy Telford

A friend recommended Shropshire Therapies to me after my 14 year cat was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. Before I saw Ghislaine he had been listless and off his food. After he had his healing session he went straight to his bowl to eat and a few hours later he was positively bouncing with energy. He has been great ever since and even his prognosis from the vet is much more positive.

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In June 2012, said about Shropshire Therapies - Hypnotherapy Telford

Dear Ghislaine I just wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful healing art that I purchased for Terry! He loved the card and we were both deeply affected by the healing energies and properties of the art. It has been very transformational at every level. I really cannot recommend you enough for these wonderful gifts of healing.

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In June 2012, said about Shropshire Therapies - Hypnotherapy Telford

I bought 3 of Ghislaine's encaustic healing art pictures just before Christmas. I kept and framed one for myself and gave 2 away as framed pictures for friends. They are beautiful, unique and they make lovely gifts.

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In June 2012, said about Shropshire Therapies - Hypnotherapy Telford

Had fantastic treatments last night from Ghislaine Headland-Vanni, slept like a log last night and have felt energised today and got lots done! It's great being surrounded by such expert services.

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In June 2012, said about Shropshire Therapies - Hypnotherapy Telford

Your treatment has helped me a lot, particularly the message you received. It was great to hear it confirmed and has given me some strength to walk my path without fear. Many many thanks

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In May 2012, said about Shropshire Therapies - Hypnotherapy Telford

I would highly recommend Ghislaine's sugaring. Her therapy room is a sanctuary and a tranquil setting for the treatment. I was worried that the treatment might be painful but Ghislaine's professional manner and technique made the whole experience painfree and relaxing. I was very impressed with the results with no redness or swelling and the regrowth period was longer with finer hairs. I have no qualms in recommending Ghislaine as an expert in her field.

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FEAR!  Face it or flee?

FEAR! Face it or flee?

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