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AcuPlus, The Art Of Well Being

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The Art Of Well Being, Acupuncture Westgate-On-Sea Near Margate

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Acupuncture near Margate

Alan Plenty is an acupuncturist and chiropractor based in Westgate On Sea but conveniently located to Margate. He has over 30 years experience and during this time he has performed over 80,000 clinical treatments for acupuncture, chiropractic and nutrition.

At Acuplus every client is treated in accordance to their own unique individuality. Acupuncture therapy is used to balance the energy flow of the body, stimulate natural healing and create harmony.

A variety of diagnostic methods are used in acupuncture to determine patterns of disharmony; a detailed medical case history is always recorded during the first consultation.

Acupuncture treatment times can vary but most are 60 minutes in duration. The needling technique is light and shallow using fine needles. Heat can also be applied on specific parts of the body, this is called Moxibustion. Moxibustion aids in releasing toxins and stimulating the blood flow and function.

Listed are some of the conditions the World Health Organisation recommends for acupuncture; sciatica, back pain, arthritis, headaches, anxiety, depression, shingles, dizziness, asthma, morning sickness, PMT. 

In addition to being an acupuncturist, Alan is also a registered chiropractor and offers this service in Margate and the Thanet area, using a low force treatment method, amongst other methods. Nutritional assessment is used at Aculpus acupuncture clinic near Margate as part of Alan's holistic approach. 

Excellent health is not a privilege open to a select few, but the right of all! Changes to your quality if life through improvements in your health can be made by anyone at any age. 

For Acupuncture call Acuplus alternative medicine for the people of Margate and surrounding areas.

Please call Acuplus on 01843 599366

Please mention The Best of Margate when calling Acuplus

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latest reviews

In February 2011, said about AcuPlus, The Art Of Well Being

Both my husband and I have been having many regular treatments for stress related problems and back pain , we can highly recommend Mr Plenty's very thorough professional approach towards his patients. Mr Plenty strives to find treatments that are suitable for the ailment, is very polite,trust worthy, makes us feel comfortable and at ease, always explains how each given treatment works. Each person is treated as an individual, time is given to speak and be listened to. Different forms of acupuncture are administered as well as reike healing, counselling and nutritional guidance if needed. Was very unsure if acupuncture would help at first but recorded evidence, also physical proof has shown that acupuncture DOES work wonders. It works for me...Painkillers and other medications have been greatly reduced by over half and replaced with herbal and homeopathic remedies . Am much more mellow in my approach towards things that ' wind me up '. Much more relaxed and de- stressed.

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In December 2010, said about AcuPlus, The Art Of Well Being

I am going to Mr. Plenty now since several months. At my first visit my health average state was about 22%, that was shortly after they had diagnosed me with breast cancer. After a period of time I can now proudly announce that my average health state reached the 79%, what is amazingly good, taken into consideration that one nearly never hits the 100%. Mr. Plenty helped me on so many levels - not only physically - to find my way back to a better state of wellbeing. He has been also a great counselor through the crises I went through the last year. I've seen a lot health practitioners before but never met someone who has such a broad range of knowledge and the gift to sense what is best for me. I am more then grateful that I've been so lucky that I had someone like Mr. Plenty on my side during my worst crise in life. I today can now say that - with his help - I solved a lot of old stuff and cleared my way to a better life full of wellbeing. The subline "The Art of Wellbeing" describes pretty much Mr. Plenty's capacities. I genuinely can highly recommend Mr. Plenty.

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    38 St Mildreds Road
    T: 01843 599 366
    M: 07775 601280

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