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  • Come and Sing Handel's "Israel in Egypt"

    Come and Sing Handel's "Israel in Egypt"


    Come and Sing Day with Musica Vera! Choruses from Handel's oratorio "Israel in Egypt." Morning and evening workshops culminating in an evening performance.

    Michael Marshall: Ongoing Adventures in the World of Pseudoscience

    Michael Marshall: Ongoing Adventures in the World of Pseudoscience


    It’s easy to think of pseudoscience existing in a glass case at a museum – something to be examined and critiqued from a safe distance, but not something to touch and to play with. Using examples taken from his own personal experiences in skepticism, Michael Marshall will show what happens when you begin to crack the surface of the pseudosciences that surround us – revealing the surprising, sometimes shocking, and often comic, adventures that lie beneath.

    David Colquhoun: We know little about the effect of diet on health

    David Colquhoun: We know little about the effect of diet on health


    One of the UK's most outspoken and well-qualified opponents of alternative medicine and bad science, pharmacologist David Colquhoun runs the DC's Improbable Science blog, which is devoted to criticism of scientific fraud and quackery. It has a particular focus on alternative medicine, including homeopathy, Traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and other practices, which he calls 'pure gobbledygook'.

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  • Why refill cartridges rather than buy new ones

    For the majority of us, when our printers run out of ink we buy new ones.

    Found In Business Services

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    The importance of spaying/neutering your pet

    National Spay Day was on 24 February this year - a day encouraging owners to get their pets spayed.

    Found In Pets and Animal Services

    Located In Cheltenham

    Chinese New Year: Year of the Goat

    The major holiday festival in China is upon us as 19th February marks the start of the Chinese New Year.

    Found In Culture

    Located In Cheltenham

    Fitting new carpets

    I don’t know about you but I love new carpets!

    Found In Home and Garden

    Located In Cheltenham

  • Today's Horoscope

    Horoscope image for pisces


    Focusing on one issue isn`t exactly your strong suit. Daydreams take you away from the things you should be doing, but you can`t even concentrate on them for very long. Give yourself a break and take some time away from work or family responsibilities if possible. A long walk in the park or a soothing bath may help you regain your focus and center your energy, but try not to overdue any type of strenuous activity. With these Stars, you`re much more suited to soothing sounds and beautiful scenery than you are to any type of chaos.

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