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Drugs Awareness Campaign

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Drugs awareness Campaign in Bristol

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The aims of D.A.C. are to educate & highlight to young people the harmful effects of drugs misuse which can lead to greater levels of ill health or risk taking behaviour leading to accidents, infection or pregnancy, with the potential for mental health problems and psychosis, developmental damage and even overdose or death. Individuals can then make an informed choice as to whether they wish to get involved in drugs use. D.A.C. will organise events in drug free environments which young people will find attractive to attend.

Events organised will be designed and aimed at the target age group of 8-14 year olds & their parents/guardians

Two strong messages came out of the governments consultation for the 2008 drug strategy: 'Drugs: protecting families and communities'. 1st Edition



  • Parents wanted better support to educate their children about drugs and to know what action to take if their child gets involved in drugs.
  • Young people were clear that they wanted places to go and things to do so that they did not start using drugs because there was nothing better to do

D.A.C. aims to provide alternatives to occupy young peoples free time and make popular leisure activities more affordable & accessible.

D.A.C. is a non-profit company limited by guarantee which has been established in 2009 to organise, promote and conduct all manner of entertainments, festivals, sporting events and leisure activities to increase the awareness to the problem of drugs misuse and to give credibility to drug free entertainment within current youth culture.

The use of the international languages of Sport, Leisure and the Performing Arts will be key in helping to promote drugs awareness. D.A.C. aims to provide a much needed resource of out of school activities. (sporting tournaments, music events etc.) D.A.C. will also seek the support of well-known personalities and performers ("teen heroes") whom young people see as 'role models' to help get the message across that ' the misuse of drugs is neither cool or glamorous'.

Local Drug Prevention Agencies and drugs counsellors relevant to the target market will be invited to attend all D.A.C. events and will be the source of all educational material.

As sexual health is a growing problem amongst young people, the campaign will also incorporate sexual health awareness into its events with information being provided by local Primary Care Trusts.

To raise funds for the campaign, D.A.C. have designed a discount card scheme to be supported by local leisure departments, shops, restaurants, clubs and leisure activities, which will provide the card holder with, on average, a 10% discount on every transaction made. This is made available to everyone aged 8-80! The scheme then covenants a large percentage of its profits to D.A.C. thereby helping it to meet its financial commitments and get close to being self supporting. ie. Not dependent on funding grants.

A pocket sized booklet will also be produced listing supporting outlets and providing valuable contact numbers promoting local drugs/sexual health awareness groups The D.A.C. Discount Card & Booklet will be sold locally through Schools, Colleges, Universities and to the general public via outlets, website sales and promotional stands. It will be priced at the nominal charge of £5.00 (five pounds). £1.50 from all sales will go directly into funding D.A.C. events in the local area. Each card will be valid for one year and will be renewable annually.

The D.A.C. Discount Card is the latest way to save money. As a D.A.C. cardholder, you will be entitled to discounts on selected products at various shops, leisure activities, restaurants, bars and clubs. (A full list of the stores and outlets which accept your D.A.C. Card will be printed within the booklet. Regular updates will be posted on the D.A.C. website
To love what you do and know that it matters, how can anything be more fun! : )


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