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Eco Food Recycling

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Eco Food Recycling offers a daily or weekly commercial food waste disposal service for Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding areas. All food is completely recycled and in the future is set to be turned into energy and fertiliser.

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Waste Disposal

Eco Food Recycling Ltd

Bournemouth 01202 873 967

Mobile 07710 354 640






The amount of biodegradable municipal waste being sent to landfill in 2010 must be 75% of that sent in 1995.



By 2013 it must be 50%.



By 2020 it must be 35%.





A zero landfill solution for your business

Eco Food Recycling offers business, hotels, hospitals - in fact, anywhere that serves food commercially - the best way of converting food waste to rich fertiliser that can be used to enrich the soil.

Offering a commercial food waste disposal and collection service in and around Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood, Wimborne and all the surrounding areas, Eco Food Recycling gives you a cost-effective and hassle free way in which YOUR company can help the environment and recycle food waste safely.

We have many pubs, hotels and restaurants in the region - all of which can do their bit for the environment by ensuring that their food waste is collected and recycled.



  • A daily or weekly waste collection
  • An affordable waste management solution
  • All commercial food waste 100% recycled
  • Zero landfill
  • A personal service from a local company.



Interested in 100% commercial food waste recycling? Call us now on Bournemouth 01202 873 967.






Government targets are set to recycle waste, not go to landfill sites.



Schools will also need to recycle food waste, reduce greenhouse gases within the environment AND promote the social benefits of 100% recycling to their students.






What happens to the food waste once it's collected?

Waste disposal by Eco Food Recycling uses a process called In-Vessel Composting:

The waste is shredded through a 12mm screen.

It is put into sealed units, or clamps, and left for 10-12 days where it will heat to a minimum of 70c and become sterilised.

Once the batch has reached the required standard and has been analysed, it achieves maturation outside for a further 12-14 weeks.

The nutrient rich compost is then screened and used on our turf fields to replenish the soil harvested during the turf process. This allows us to grow sustainable and nutrient rich turf!





Anaerobic Digestion



Currently, West Dorset has an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant under construction, and in the future, Eco Food Recycling will take the food waste collected from schools, colleges, universities, hotels, restaurants and pubs to the plant where it can be turned into energy!



The plant will have the capacity to turn 25,000 tonnes of commercial food waste per year into methane gas, which will then be used to generate up to 700kw of electricity for supply to the National Grid.


Any solid or liquid waste will be used as fertiliser and soil improver on local farms.



100% commercial food waste recycling!






In October 2007, a Landfill Directive amendment came into force, which required businesses in England and Wales to pre-treat all waste before sending it to landfill.



This can be done by sorting and segregating waste and appointing a licensed waste carrier to recycle, recover or compost at least part of the waste produced.




Food waste collection

Just order your bin and bags from us and start recycling your food waste.

Call us on Bournemouth 01202 873 967 to organise your waste disposal.

We'll deliver you a bin to store your food waste in. This will be either 120 litre or 240 litre capacity.

We will also deliver biodegradable, compostable bags for you to use for all of your food waste. The bags are very strong and have been certified to EN-13432, the internationally recognised standard for compostable and biodegradable bags within the EU.

Choose whether you'd like us to collect your food waste, daily or weekly.

Our fleet of vehicles will transport your food waste directly to the recycling depot in South Dorset.

Commercial food waste from schools, colleges, universities, hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, pubs, food producers and company canteens can ALL be turned into compost.



It's cost-effective and will drastically reduce your carbon footprint.



Call Bournemouth 01202 873 967 and start recycling your waste now.




Eco Food Recycling Ltd is a registered waste carrier and regulated by the Environment Agency.



We can collect meat and fish scraps, eggs and eggshells, dairy products, tea bags and coffee grinds, other food waste, paper and cardboard food packaging, paper napkins and paper hand towels.

We can't collect large bones, glass, metals and foils, plastic packaging or any other types of rubbish.


Call Bournemouth 01202 873 967 and start recycling your waste now.




Contact us



To arrange your food waste disposal, collection and recycling service, call us on Bournemouth 01202 873 967.



We offer waste collection and waste disposal in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood, Wimborne and all the surrounding areas.



Visit the website for more information and the latest legislation on food waste management.



Please mention thebestof Bournemouth when you contact us.




thebestof Bournemouth

Waste Collection

Eco Food Recycling Ltd

Bournemouth 01202 873 967

Mobile 07710 354 640



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