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Energy Consultancy Services (ECS)

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Energy Consultancy Services and Training of Barnsley, run by Graham Hawkes, offers free advice on energy efficiency and training and development in all aspects of gas installation and safety.

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The best of Barnsley

Training and Development

Energy Consultancy Services

Barnsley 01226 741800

Gas training and free energy efficiency advice from ECS of Barnsley

Energy Consultancy Services & Training offers free, impartial advice to householders and businesses on all aspects of energy efficiency.

Working closely with local authorities, we aim to help cut the amount of energy used and reduce CO2 emissions across Barnsley and the surrounding areas. Saving energy saves you money, protects your reputation and combats climate change by reducung your carbon footprint.

We have also developed gas training courses for all those involved in the gas industry.

Gas training and development from Energy Consultancy Services of Barnsley

ECS was formed by Graham Hawkes who has been involved with training programmes and workplace training for the gas and electrical industries for a number of years.

Whether you are already working in the gas industry or are looking for a career change, ECS have gas training courses to meet all requirements for gas training and development. 

 Gas training and development for new entrants to the gas industry

Our new entrants gas training course (NE4) takes a minimum of 4 weeks and prepares candidates for ACS assessments. It is aimed a those people with no experience but who wish to gain access to the gas industry.

The training can be flexible to fit around current commitments and covers all 15 core competencies including:

  • Gas safety legislation
  • Gas emergency action and procedures
  • Combustion and ventilation
  • Installation of pipework and fittings
  • Identification of unsafe situations, emergency notices and warning labels Checking and setting appliance gas safety devices and controls
  • Flue testing.
  • The installation of open, balanced and fan assisted flue assemblies.

This comprehensive training and development programme covers a range of topics to ensure gas safety. During the course, candidates create their own portfolios as well as having access to reference material, such as British Standards and Gas Installation and Use Regulations.

The course consists of 4 modules: 

Part A (theory)

Two weeks intensive gas training covering all aspects of theory required in ACS assessments. Some home study may be required. 

Part B (practical)

One week hands on practical gas training in the study centre coveing all tasks required in the portfolio of evidence including:

  • Tightness testing
  • Spillage testing
  • Flue testing
  • Working pressure & burnerspressure checks
  • Gas rating 

Part C (Portfolio building)

Each candidate receives a portfolio outlining a number of tasks which must be carried out on the job under the supervision of a Corgi registered engineer.

At ECS we can arrange for you to work with an engineer in order to build your portfolio. This can be done on evenings or at weekends if required.

There is no allocated timescale for completion but the tasks must be fully completed prior to the candidate being accepted on part D

 Part D (Pre ACS assessment)

The assessment lasts between 1 and 3 days. On completion a certificate will be awarded which will allow the candidate to sit the full ACS assessments

For more information and price details please click 'HERE' 

How is the ECS gas training programme delivered?

We deliver the gas training course over 5 days per week - Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. For more information about gas training, call us on Barnsley 01226 741800 or visit our website.

Looking for a change of career?

If you're still employed, but you're interested in pursuing a career in the gas industry, we offer a home study training course, which covers all theory aspects of the required qualifications - ACS, CCN1 and MET1.

Our home study gas training programme will give you the knowledge you need to pass your ACS theory assessments, although you may still need some practical training.

We will provide self-assessment question papers on all aspects of the course, and full instructions, as well as a tutor who is available by telephone throughout the duration of the gas training programme.

All aspects of gas safety and the gas safety regulations are covered as well as the relevant building regulations. The cost of the course is £600.00 plus VAT and is an excellent route to employee development and workplace training.

The Approved Prior Learning Course (CAT 2)

If you've already got some experience in the gas industry, but you are unable to carry out ACS Assessments because of a lack of formal qualifications, then the CAT 2 course is a superb way of combining learning, employee development and workplace training.

The ideal candidate for this gas training course is someone currently working in the gas industry, assisting CORGI registered engineers (plumbers, plumbers mates or labourers who have been installing gas central heating or carrying out general gas work.

The course covers all 15 core competencies of CCN1 and can be tailored to suit the individual. The training course is usually delivered over 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

During the training programme, you'll be required to produce a portfolio which will contain evidence of work carried out under supervision. ECS of Barnsley will help you build the portfolio and if required, can even provide gas engineers to supervise your work.

On completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate enabling you to carry out ACS Assessments at any gas assessment centre in the UK.

There are various options available depending on experience and personal circumstances of the candidate - contact ECS for an initial interview and to receive our recommendations as to which gas training programme would suit you best.

For more information and price details please click 'HERE'

Why not call Energy Consultancy Services (ECS) on Barnsley 01226 741800 to find out which gas training course would suit you. We've helped over 1,000 entrants find employment in the gas industry already - and our gas training programmes can help you to develop your skills or kick start your career.

Energy Consultancy Services of Barnsley - providing gas training programmes and home study courses on all aspects of gas safety. They also offer energy efficiency advice and workplace training.

The best of Barnsley
Training and Development
Energy Consultancy Services (ECS)
Barnsley 01226 741800

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In February 2011, said about Energy Consultancy Services (ECS)

At ECS you learn in very small groups, good clear instruction, handy location.

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In January 2011, said about Energy Consultancy Services (ECS)

Decided after many years to change career and re trained as a plumber. Found the tutor at ECS easy to understand, he gave clear instruction, I got through the course OK and I've never looked back.

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